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What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a form of social investing that allows ordinary people to observe the trading behaviour of their peers and expert traders and to automatically follow winning trading strategies. This is great for people who do not have the time to learn how to trade or want to risk their money on their own, simply follow an experienced trader who has already mastered the art of trading.


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Start copy trading in 3 simple steps

Open a trading account or start trading a demo

Sign up to a live trading account through our supported broker, the sign-up process is easy and straight forward. Getting started is simple and should only take 5 minutes! You can start trading with as little or as much as you like, deposits and withdrawals are free.

Follow the best traders

View the leaderboard to find successful traders you want to follow and click ‘Copy’. Their trades will be copied automatically and proportionally. Copy trading allows you to try different trading strategies to decide which of them work best for you!

Monitor and profit!

With thousands of traders to copy you can create a balanced and diversified trading portfolio and receive a stable income.


You also have full control over the process and can modify or stop copying trades at any given time. You can view detailed trading statistics for copied traders.