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StartTrading Mark Bauman Gets a Firsthand Look at the Latest Tech Trends at CES 2023 in LAS VEGAS

As the world’s leading technology conference, CES Las Vegas attracts the biggest names in the tech industry, as well as top investors and analysts looking for the next big thing. This year, Mark Bauman, CEO of StartTrading, will be attending CES to get on the ground information about new investments and companies to invest in.

Bauman is no stranger to the world of tech investing, having spent over 20 years in the industry. He has a reputation for spotting emerging trends and investing in companies that have the potential to change the game. That’s why he’s making the trip to CES this year – to get a firsthand look at the latest technologies and innovations that are shaping the future of the tech industry.

At CES, Bauman will be meeting with top executives, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to gather insights and ideas about the best investments opportunities. He’ll also be attending keynotes and panel discussions to learn more about the trends and challenges facing the tech industry. 

Bauman is particularly interested in companies that are driving innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and the internet of things. He believes that these technologies have the potential to revolutionize industries and create new opportunities for investors.

Overall, Bauman is excited to attend CES Las Vegas and get a firsthand look at the latest tech trends and innovations. He believes that this year’s conference will be a great opportunity to find the next big thing in tech investing.

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