Bespoke Trading Mentorship

FREE Trading Consultation and Inclusive Personalised Trading Assessment

Bespoke Trading Mentorship

FREE Trading Consultation and Inclusive Personalised Trading Assessment

Reserve my FREE consultation now!
Reserve my FREE consultation now!

Bespoke Trading Mentorship with Trading Team

  • Assigned Trading Mentor

    We believe mentoring should be personalised, that’s why all mentoring sessions are 1-to-1 with an assigned mentor who knows all your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Personalised Trading Assessment

    A trading education plan designed around you at your level and pace.

  • Online or In-Person

    Learn to trade around your schedule. Mentorship sessions available both online (webinar) and in person, depending on which mentioned best suits your style of learning.

  • Access to our online trading academy

    Full access to our online trading academy to review the academy videos in your own time.

  • Funded Account & Career Opportunity

    If you can prove to your mentor you have what it takes to become a profitable trader you can gain access to a £10k funded account from

  • Tracked Progress

    Advanced tracking software, allowing both you and your mentor to track how profitable your trades are LIVE. Enabling your mentor to give feedback and improvements to better improve your trades.

  • Accredited Trading Diploma

    When you feel like you are ready to take your trading to the next level, our certified trading diploma is your first step into a professional trading career.

  • All Skill Levels Welcome

    Whether your a complete beginner or seasoned trader looking to take your trading to the next level, our mentors will guide you to start trading like a pro!

  • Copy Trading

    If you want a less hands-on trading expierence copy trading is the route for you, simply follow an experienced trader who has already mastered the art of trading.

  • Weekly Webinars

    Join weekly multilingual trading webinars to get top trading knowledge.

  • Chart Pattern Mastery Guide

    Includes the guide to chart pattern mastery

  • Ultimate Guide to Start Trading

    Includes the ultimate guide to start trading

  • Welcome Pack

    The welcome pack includes all the tools you need to give you the best start and make the most out of your trading.

  • Live Support

    Live chat support available 24/7 if you have any issues or questions relating to our service.

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Take your trading to the next level and learn from an experienced trading instructor

Mitchell Roach

Take your trading to the next level and learn from an experienced trading instructor

Mitchell RoachFounder & Alexsander College APS | Trading Academy Instructor >

Mitchell Roach

Mitchell Roach – Founder & Alexsander College APS | Trading Academy Instructor >

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There will be times during your journey to becoming a profitable trader when you just get stuck and cannot figure out how to get to the next level.  All the books in the world will not give you the experience needed to succeed, and because so many give up due to frustration, it is often difficult to find the right person to turn to for guidance.

A mentoring programme with an experienced trader is the quickest way to overcome these difficult times, as they are likely to have been through and mastered what you may be experiencing.  Throwing money at the markets will not give you the right experience you need and can hurt you financially.

Why go through all of the beginner mistakes and hurdles learning to trade on your own, when there are experienced traders willing to guide you to success!

Why choose us?

Our team has a combined trading experience of over 10+ years. Quickly becoming one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing trading schools, as well as having a worldwide student base.

Our Founder is an industry recognised trading instructor that has enabled thousands of individuals from all backgrounds to be able to learn the financial markets and how to trade them with the correct approach, skillset and mindset.

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“Being able to earn & learn with whilst I had little to no trading experience has allowed me to focus on my uni work instead of working a full-time job”

Kristie - Student - London

“I really enjoyed having online mentoring as it allowed me to learn how to trade while I was still working”

Sam - Waiter - Dartford

“If it wasn’t for the mentors at I doubt that I would be making as much as I am from Forex”

Elijah - Personal Trainer - Greenwich, London

Mentorship Styles

We offer two simple and easy trading mentorship styles. Get a trading mentor today!