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Win Up To $600 To Invest With !

Win Up To $600 To Invest With !

Start Trading has a few spots left for anyone looking to win up to $600 to invest with! 

What do you need to do? 

Simple! Just follow the steps below to enter. 

  • Follow @starttradingcom on social media
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Open an account with the trading platforms listed below, and receive $200 for each platform you sign up with using OUR LINK.  
  • DM us on Instagram when you’re done to let us know you did it

What happens once you get selected? 

We will reply to your DM on Instagram to let you know that you have been selected. Afterward, you will send us your login information for whichever platforms you signed up with using our links. We will also send you $200 for each platform you signed up with, up to $600 via Venmo or Paypal so you can deposit it into your accounts. 

Once you get the money, you can decide how and where to invest the money. Our team will help keep track of your investments, to see how they are performing.

This is a FORGIVABLE LOAN, this means there is NO RISK TO YOU. If your trades go south, then you do not have to pay us back. As for any gains on the investments made using our funds, you will keep 50% of the profit earned off those stocks, and Start Trading will keep the other 50%. 

If your trades do well, Start Trading will continue giving you more funds to trade with. 

Click here to WATCH our CEO explain more. 

Which Platforms Can We Use?

We have partnered with all of the Mainstream Trading Apps. Pick one from the list below, if you have any questions on the app, refer to our review page under the ‘Find A Broker’ tab of our website.

Available to users outside the U.S.:




For U.S. Citizens: