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When EVERYONE Trades #AMC #GME #DOGE - WHAT DO YOU TRADE?! See what we're trading #IPOE, #AIEQ, #NGA

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In This Video:

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I’m Mark Bauman, I’m a serial entrepreneur, and when I’m not running my 3 multi million dollar companies and building new technologies like FaceChex.com, Fanects.com, and many others..

I’m updating StartTrading.com with new tips and tricks, and sharing my trades. I’m focused on taking our $50k account to $1Million, and bring some great people along with me. Hope you enjoy the content.

I curate it, as well as others, so that I can trade more quickly and efficiently, and so that you can too.

Updates in this Video, Content contributors: Patrick Dejardins


Spacs took a hit, because the short sellers likely as their trades got crunched had to pull assets and spacs were likely 1st on the chopping block to be sold.

He’s a great analyst, I recommend watching him and this video as he gives you a better understanding and forces you to learn and think.

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  • #IPOE – Sofi
  • #ACTC – Proterra
  • #NGA – Lion Electric
  • #BFT – Lightening EFmotors

YouTube: MCash

2 amazing penny stocks. 1 is nearing aprroval from FDa, and has been discussed in Wall Streetbets I learned 

  • Tonix pharmaceuticals (#TNXP)
  • Electrocure (#ECOR) 
Check out: LAGhacks

#SNDL – on 100% short.

So it’s going to have a squeeze most likely.

#CTRM – down to .50 after going up over $1.50

Has anyone heard about this robot etf?


I’m considering it this week or the week after once I feel we’ve hit bottom.

They are moving towards tech like Tesla, TSLA, Enphase ENPH and others. I am buying into those 2 this week.

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