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Start Trading Announces New Contest

Start Trading Announces New Contest

Start Trading wants to invest in YOU! We are currently looking for ten traders of any skill levels to give $200 for every trading platform they sign up with using our link, totaling up to $600.

How Do I Apply?

Simple! Just follow the steps listed below for a chance to be selected for the opportunity. 

  • Follow @starttradingcom on social media
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Register with the trading platforms listed below, using our link
  • DM us on Instagram when you’re done to let us know you did it

How Does It Work?

If you are one of the ten people selected, you will need to provide Start Trading your login information to whichever platforms you chose to sign up with.

We will then send you $200 for each account you signed up with using our links, totaling up to $600. Once you receive the money, you will deposit the funds into your trading accounts.

After that, you can decide how and where to invest the money. Our team will help keep track of your investments, to see how they are performing.

At the end of the quarter, you will repay the initial investment. This is a Forgivable Loan, that means if your trades go south, you will not have to pay us back. NO RISK.

Any profits you make off our investment will be split 50/50. You will keep 50% of the profit earned off those stocks, and Start Trading will keep the other 50%. 

If your trades do well, Start Trading will continue giving you more funds to trade with.  WIN-WIN.

Click here to watch our CEO explain more.

Which Platforms Can We Use?

We have partnered with all of the Mainstream Trading Apps. Pick one from the list below, if you have any questions on the app, refer to our review page under the ‘Find A Broker’ tab of our website.

Available to users outside the U.S.:




For U.S. Citizens:




What If I Want To Opt Out?

This Program is designed to last for at least one quarter. This is a Forgivable Loan. Once you are ready, you can opt out of our by either closing your account or selling your shares bought with our investment. Once you sell those shares, we will collect 50% of the profits earned, and we can part ways.